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What are "cold air inflatables"?

Cold air inflatables are giant, vinyl-coated, reinforced nylon sculptures that create larger than life replicas of products, animals, characters, and decorations. They are used in advertising, promotions, grand openings, and special events. They attract a terrific amount of attention. At special events they are often used as landmarks to navigate around the event. People are drawn to the inflatable just to see what it's all about. MANY COMPANIES REPORT AN INCREASE IN SALES UP TO 40%!

Cold air inflatables are very easy to install and only require a 110v outlet to run the blower and keep the sculpture inflated. To deflate just unplug the fan! Inflatables fold easily into a compact form (much like folding a parachute).

Why use an inflatable sculpture for my next promotion?

Cold air inflatables are a cost effective way of promoting your business, product or special event. Compare the price of buying television or radio time. With TV or radio you have just a few seconds to promote your product or event. And most TV and radio spots need to be repeated many times to get the customer to remember the information. Once your commercial has been aired..its gone. With an inflatable sculpture people remember the product. Inflatables can be used again and again for years to come.

How is the inflatable made?

Production starts with a "to scale" clay model and a carefully designed technical drawing that is projected to the finished size. After life size patterns are generated, the fabric is cut and sewn (the seams do not need to be sealed). Internal gussetting pulls the details into shape. The inflatable is then sent to the painting department for artistic effects.

How much time does Big Air need to produce the inflatable sculpture?

From the time art work is approved we ask for eight to 12 weeks production time. This ensures a quality sculpture to your specifications.

How long do the inflatable sculptures last?

Inflatables can last many years if cared for properly. Because inflatables are made of a vinyl coated fabric they are easy to clean and care for. They should be cleaned after a display and any repairs that may need to be done can easily be done with needle or thread.

How do I inflate my sculpture?

Inflatables are very easy to inflate and can take less than a minute! Most inflatables only take one or two people to inflate them to their full majestic height. A tarp is laid to protect the inflatable, the sculpture is then stretched out, the fan is installed easily via a Velcro enclosure then just plugged in. Like magic you will see your sculpture unfold before your eyes. Click here to see pictures of an inflatable installation.

How do I store my inflatable?

Sculptures are so easy to store! Once deflated just fold them up and store in a tote bag. They are easy to transport from event to event and inexpensive to ship.

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